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tv   [untitled]    December 4, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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staff deserves a bonus. the trouble is that if you don't listen you have no jp control over how corrupt the city can become,4 or how vulnerable you are to that'$%($' corruption is a bottomless pit.ts(ñ knowledge is the only limit to that corruption. if they can buy your ignorance, money has too much power. i say all the time that i care about the library, but you don't have to care about the library. it is not about the library. if they can buy your ignorance, they can destroy what you do care about. in fact, there is no z what they can destroy, because they have destroyed democracyóm itself. and that is why, as always the lies cost more than theícj money. thank you. >> members of the board of supervisors, ray hartz director of san francisco open government. here's a copy of today's agenda you will see know your rights
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under the t#ãsunshine ordinance. i've heard a lot of members of this thing, in particular one particular person whossr:pi likes to whine about the task force. here's an order of dangerous,ajpjp-y -- determination finding the city attorney's office to violated the]jjd here's the san francisco policejp!%y commission to have violated the law. here's one finding the rent board to have violated the law. here's another oneçhc san francisco police commission to have violated the p here's another one finding the police commission to have violated the law. here's one finding the library commission to have violated the law. here's a referral for enforcement to the ethics commission. here's another order finding( uñ louise herrera to have violated the here's the referral to the district attorney regarding that matter,úz%( +p here's a referral to the ethics commissioñcjsú regarding that meter.
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here's a referral to the city attorney regarding thatc ; office. here's another case findingtb city attorney'sd violation. here's another referral, and a directive to all city agencies and finally, the latest one another violation ofah%(ú library of the law maybe if this board of supervisors would quit whining about the task force and telling city agencies that the law requires them to obey the sunshine ordinance, and they(4 gwñ all take an oath each year to have.5@ completed training ana+j@ ,ñ certified their knowledge of it then maybe they wouldn't have as many visits to the sunshine ordinance taskq.8pñ force. for every member of the city government or the city family that you like to call it that has to spend time there, citizens also have to spend time there, and usually a lot more and they violate the laws of a lot of0!f >> president chiu: thank you. next speakerkb ó.
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>> good afternoon supervisors. i'm peter warfield, executive director association. the library has an unfortunate record of not only violatingo7( óñ thej¿ law, which you have heard ofqjn:? from me and the previous speaker/=( &nñ and others but unfortunately is expert at let us call it misdirection. at a relatively recent library commission meeting, the deputy city attorney got into -- excuse me the deputy city librarian got into the act when she said, having heard a great deal about the difficulties and the problems?m financial arrangements and commitments, shee actually the friends had not committed to provide 16 million
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as we've heard for 10ijp;n years and more, regarding the branchq%($
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do that, but what it says is that,iáb $+'ñ on february 20, 2003, friend commitment-$%( 3rw increased to 16:5 jpj milliondja)féex >> good afternoonsh!%ùh supervisors. members of the public, and the incredible job the sheriff's department does of keeping this chamber in order. i have a little kind of a poem. if it i had a summer home in san francisco, and i had a winter home in ben gazi i'd spend all my summers iníqrq winterña nzñ home.
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if you listen to these speakerso coming up energy coming from them is kind oft bitching about the city, and the way it's kind of violating its own charter of the sunshine ordinance. we saw many determinations in front ofcup which'sjáindicates that something's”mhnnówhs awry. we have one supervisor previously from this chamber(jpq in custody wearing orange, anï= getting visits from hisijny friends in jail. and i'm just wondering some more of you shouldn't beoa::zku1&jd÷ú4ñ+ñ in$5jpkujauç
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there. thank you for your time. no hard82ñ feelings. and have a good holidays. thankc/ t you. >> goodgupñgñ chiu and supervisor. i just want to say one thing. it's about time that you got some jobs here or1nsomething, or something to do, or even medical. i live at the edge of the tenderloin. there's nothing. you know, i can tellgj@ you. and i'm the most resourceful of all. totally resourceful. ii'm out$)ó with my metal detector at vista park, very dark and deteriorated, i've beenay%(>w treasure hunting for 40 years in this,g@ city.;ar there's running out of places for treasure hunt, there's no sandy areas like there used to be. let me show you the key i(çc found
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in buena vista. graphics please. >> clerk calvillo:j' please. >> ben vista park. i jy something. i pulled the dirty harry movie haven't done since piqs then. she probably goes do you have a computer or what are you doing ins nasty hayes casting, or -- where i had to get my money back because they wanted to put me into anything. and flying back and forthq l.a. or las vegas, and even they don't do much. it's a little better,we know, not thatú6( x':h( :@ much. anyway, ♪ i've looked high and in everywhere i possibly city can but there's no trying to get the.p%( y city feeling again
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low, and everywhere i possibly canl7jpt?ñ ♪ but there's no trying to get the city job feeling again, needed again and again we need itrcj all again, again ♪w p5 again ♪ thank you'&( "(. >> my name is eugene gordon jr. all %( sre this balloting for:: and democratic party leadership over two centuries where original constitutionzf states right not to be confused with federal law then after first amendment which included right too( 7ç redress, evidence female right%( was not until 1920, be we the people have redressed so many times through/jp)u republican, democratic party -- legislation
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us of a social cultural politicaln-$ñ economic education schooling work ethic based upon capital currency class rank defined given as birth right invention obliged by law proven to imposition fraudulent death. the advocates have said use language come together. this is2j public ownership of means of production. again redress expose%(úe÷ democraticpyjá and republican parties, majority legislative leadership as capital imperialist confrontation. witness 1776 victory of so many african negro slave8i)[ owners contributionm] 6/ to declaration of independence original us ofw constitution fortify caitionz of thez=( this deceptive timing for heart beat:u
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fascist language inflections0/( 3'ñ nursing( &u security asno fending interest. >> i'd like tot tv. google michael akino mk ultra. would you believe it if i told you that 70 miles north of[vhów here they're cannibalizing children they're raping children they're murdering children, would you/t$k' believe it7ñd!díñ. there's a book by senator john decamp called thegxd!ya franklink o coverup. it's absolutely ÷ incredible. he represented a man named paul binosi who testifies he was taken to bohemian grove and
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things like that happened to him. i'm telling you what, we better all unite on3qjt one. this is incredible, i mean really. well, my text for today is can we put this up, mr. px= kkqññ is found in the book of romans, and it says, in due time christ died for the ungodly. and this is the genius of christianity. the '( "ñdk christ died in due time. if i was toy&ihe%djxjá÷ say michael akino was going to die today, in eating a cheeseburger at mcdonald's in san francisco wearing a white being betrayed by his familiar friend and he keels over dead today and he findl( kñ in his.m vesture a handwritten note by antone who started the church of satan you would say that's interesting. if i was to say that's goingqj@
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happen 478 minutes from now -- but when dealing with biblical prophesy we're dealing with 450 year i christ and in the oldj"( átestament for removed prophesies we're dealing over aeaj=q span of a thousand years where dodd gives various prophesies such as the]wp> the crucifixion in psalm 22 they cast lots for my vesture. praise the lord. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> hello. myuzjkil,jaunameúzve is coti. i was literally born on the southeast sectqr
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here to speak on behalf of the community sponsored radio station kpoo, who as youpjpfk know, broadcasts the board ofcejpó supervisors meeting,b? mar you know, you used to work there, free of charge lot of91 for over 32 years. it was founded by joe0kf ejy now theyl%(rs even had their own phone line which they hadf%(@ to disconnect just recently because they're running out of funds. now, it came to the public's attention that $15 million were found. so we're feeling that it's about time that thisinnñiñ world-class city share the wealth with kpoo.
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their people came out, they volunteer mar, you know that, they don't get paid for that. in fact one of theg"(d come out, donald lacy he lost his daughter to homicide. this is victim homicide victim survivors month. and he voluntarily did that. and during the time that they were tryingnñá$ to tar and feather elected sheriff mirkarimi marvin dimlyq a+rñ passed. and there was no adjourning[j in his memory. i thought -- i think that would be a nice gesture. he was over the congressional black caucus. >> supervisor chiu: thank you very muchfwwf t÷.
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owen. >> good afternoon. john didonna from san francisco. this is just a general-ap,e philosophicalh at the root of the controversy is a question of what human beings are how are we t|( q7 act,:/( and function in a way that is true to our spirit nature, and intellect. i use the word intellect in its ancient text, to bev:( # one thing from another is the power to make?ipp distinctions to sort things throughwmo i've been] that concerns me the most in this battle for our minds. we should be taught not what to think, but how to think. thank you for listening. >> -- all the supervisors)i( of
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la you about the future my future, our future, the future of the city. we was discussing education in item 13, and i feel that ifl( don't fire up every channel if we don't liquidate every pipeline and search every avenue[vjld in! >> president chiu: excuse me, sir. we have a rule in the board chamber that issues that have already been discussed in committee can't be discussed in public comment today. that being said if you want to discuss education issues in general you're free to do that. >> yeah. i feel like the children that's in schoolútpñ now they're going to be sitting in these seats, the same children so if we don't get on top of this education crisis, we're basically"wp(g÷ contributing to the demise of our own future and the future of this city. so i think that it's important that we do have the conversation about education as often as we
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possibly can, not just when it's time to fork over some money to the school district. i feel like we need to hold them more accountable the community, and city government. and i think we always need to have that conversation about black and brown,mxr'a÷ and race, when we.é about education because i see that the city is taken off as far as -- industry without black and brown youth, and we're putting tags on black and brown children andé+ to prison because a lot of times these funding -- you know we come up with things that we think are going to work, and 2.7 million sounds a lot to some people. my bad. but whatever we come upc4ji' with,1lj÷ if it doesn't work let's just not keep sending the kids straight to jail. it's like we need to come up with more things to do whether it be finding more money or developing a
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self-supporting mechanism that produces human capital so that manufacturers human capital so that we can given some other type of capital to kids, as far as, you know, human capital, like education. thank you. god bless you all. >> president chiu: thanks. next speakerr@y,. >> i'll be using the overhead. this is my daughter, charlotte molinari. what i'm going to speak to you about is very sensitive for me and you all as well because it has to do with the abuse of power, from law enforcement to elected3* officials, retired politiciansk= io such as doug bosco and willie brown. it's because of3tj their power that my daughter went from missing9i%( 7zñ to dead. this has to do with domestic
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violence. if sonoms of energy in her father raping me teen prostitution, and teen drugs not being locked up she would be alive. i am sick when i look and compare and contrast what happened with domestic dispute in your county and in mine, knowing that this same power and influence that prevented justice in my case created another set of injustice in the opposite direction in your case. i know that you have somewhat resolved that problem, but not fully. i came here specifically to speak to you, and also to your sheriff. one of the things-zp8d that could come out of this as a positive with all this dispute about legitimate rape is i begged for the investigators to give me a polygraph test. they said they couldn't. so i'd like your help with
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getting a law passed on the federal and state level so that witnesses and those accused of sexual assault domestic violence have a mandatory polygraph or state of the art go to the f.b.i. on how you can detect lies. victims have theè:xáñ opposite. while it might not be used in court it would help the investigators so they're not wasting time on false claims and so people9j%( ic-hat are harmed are helped. so i look forward to continuing our communication helping me resolve injustice in your county and helping you resolve injustice in mine. >> president chiu: thank you very muchajq . >> good afternoon, supervisors. and best regards to mayor -- to the mayor.
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did not moses give you the law? yet none of you keeps theejpz& law. why you looking for an opportunity to kill me? the crowd answered, you have a$ d demon. who is trying to kill you. jesus answered them i performed one work and all of you are astonished. moses gave you the it is of course not from moses but from the patriots and you circumcise a man on sabbath. if a man receives circumcision on the sabbath in order that the law of >opmm are you angry with me because i healed a man's body -- a man's whole body on the sabbath? do not judge by appearances but judge with the right judgment. the lord said to moses iuj( will bring one more plague uponóojpq
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pharaoh and egypt afterwards he '( bz will let you go from here. indeed whether he lets you go he will drive you away. tell the people that every man is to ask his neighbor and every woman is to ask her neighbor, for objec and gold. the lord gave the people favor in the sight of the egyptian. however moreover, moses himself was a man of great importance in the lém of pharaoh's officials and the sight of the people. every first-born in the land of egypt shall die from thee4 first-born of;
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>> president chiu: thank you very much. no, every member of the public gets the same amount of time. thank you very muchíyje.x. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name's douglas yep. i've lived in san francisco for 60 years. i would like to thank heather knight and the cron!m%( s@ñ chronicle exposing bullying tactics at the housing authority. in my opinion that's been going on in the san francisco hierarchy form, starting with my own experience in 1999 when i saw my coworker, a dead gayg%( bg death at san francisco general hospital and to this day every one of the board of supervisors, in my humble opinion, have been gutless for not taking up the
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subject especially a certain somebody sitting to my left. i would like to quote somebody in this article. it says here, lee said i've been called a bully and i don't)jpx think i am. wrong. i challenge you to make up with the sheriff. whatever happened to the publicj@á makeup. if there's not going to be a public makeup i challenge the government audit and oversight committee with the new leader i may say, to take up that issue, and to confront it head-on. lee said during the giants parade that he was a team player. i don't see anyué%(v3ñ teamwork. all i see is a big baby. and ifóji you don't like it, you and i arew
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thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker please. >> supervisors, so happy to be here again. beverly upton san francisco domestic violence consortium. we want to thank president chiu, the -- that david cheud introduced will!rjpczç bevpi(v a comprehensive responsej$úñ to san francisco's increasingly successful response to domestic violence. it will make a comprehensive package the district attorney's office but also#tp@9 empowers the city to help represent those who need both criminal and civil legal remedies. restraining orders, child custody, and38( r!juááj even for those who are not involved in the criminal justice system will be a trop priority and we want to thank you for thatjtj -z. as benjamin franklin said it's better to be well-done than
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well-said. thank you÷jú-pi >> good afternoon president chiu andç p
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for your consideration of this. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm mari mckeefer, manager attorney with legal services program. supervisorfjp thank you for your leadership in funding forr( [qñwb vn domestic violence services. i would like to -- our staff and volunteer attorneys represent survivors of domestic violence in civil court cases involving child custody, child support and spousal support. many of our clients have already obtained permanent restraining orders against their abusers but abusers continue to harassnurúm them by aggressively pursuing custody and visitation of their children, children that they are oftenaó%( i! also abusing. for many of these abusers, filing motions in civil court is just another tool in their toolbox of abuse.
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because our justice system is complex and intimidating providing legal representation to survivors of domestic violence ensures3 those survivors as well as the÷.lg children. thank you for supporting the increased fundingp$&0y for these services. next speaker9%( "u. >> good afternoon, president chiu andoyjp$[ fellow members of the board of supervisors. i am here to say that i'm very frustrated with the sf mta. i think it's timeutihír that we should look at if they should be elected,$%( rp or if that some of the members of1l appointed by your body, rather than just approved by your body after being appointed by the mayor. i believe sf mta hasz9( ; decimated the taxi industry, has made it more difficult for cab drivers to provide better service,!?( #fe and1 has also treated cab drivers as slaves under a system that tries


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